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Let Us WOW Your Potential

Buyers & Renters!!!

Our company is based on the east end of Long island. We gladly serve our local area as well as travel out of state for vacation rental stagings. 

 We are dedicated to finding the perfect look for your home. Home staging has been proven to increase a house's final sale price and decreases the amount of time the listing sits on the market.


Our business started out as a hobby many years ago...

Jessica, the founder of the company, has a deep seeded love for architecture, historical homes and design. She started dabbling in design for her own home and when it was finished decided that it wasn't enough, she needed to do more!!! From that point, she started purchasing homes and with a little staging and TLC, turned houses that couldn't sell into amazing vacation rentals and homes that were the envy of the area. After 5 years of successful vacation rentals and house sales, and many requests from friends and family, she decided that it was time to take what she learned and share it with everyone who was interested.


CALL US TODAY 631-374-3151